A guide to software development workflows Last updated on May 6, 2019


A guide to software development workflows


Workflow Methodologies

  • A clear Definition of Done to be followed by the team or even department
  • Will you use a workflow based on a methodology?
    • Kanban
    • Scrum
  • How will you manage Work In Progress? For example, will you set a limit on how much can be in progress at once?
  • How will you manage tasks that become Blocked?


Here are some questions to help think about how to manage a large software engineering project.

  • Where does it fit into the organisation’s strategy?
  • What dependencies are there in terms of other work that needs to be done by other parts of the organisation?
  • How can it be broken down into manageable sized epics that each focus on delivering a specific amount of value?
  • What order should the epics be completed in? For example, would it unblock or support another task to do particular epics before others?


  • Determine the focus of the epic and summarise the outcomes.
  • Break down into smaller units and define these tasks in tickets.
  • If a task comes with uncertainty, then create a task to investigate or research the area of work.
  • Determine whether you might need some input from other members of the organisation to answer certain questions about the design and implementation.
  • If a ticket looks substantial, consider breaking it down into a series of smaller tasks.


  • Add a description of the task and the scope of the work to be done in the ticket.
  • Some context of the task can help others unfamiliar with the ticket to understand how it fits into a larger piece of planned work.
  • Acceptance criteria that defines the goals to be achieved by the work in the ticket.
  • Ensure that there are Quality Assurance instructions with test cases.

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