October 2018 – October 2018

Codebase Contributor


Contributed a new feature to their Ruby on Rails codebase that adds a Medium icon with link to Dev.to user profiles.
September 2018 – September 2018

Codebase Contributor

Ruby on Rails

Contributed to the Ruby on Rails core codebase to add an additional method to ActiveSupport to improve testing. Link to commits on Rails Contributors website.
September 2018 – Present

Technology Writer


Regularly publish tutorials on Ruby on Rails, Docker, Bash and other programming topics.
August 2018 – Present

Top Writer in Technology


One of the top 50 writers for articles tagged Technology.
August 2018 – Present

Editor and Technology Writer

The Code Review on Medium

Edit and write for a technology publication I launched on Medium.
June 2018 – June 2018

Top Contributor 2018


Award for contributing to the freeCodeCamp codebase and writing for its online publication.
November 2017 – Present

Technology Writer

freeCodeCamp on Medium

Regularly contribute tutorials on Ruby on Rails, Docker, Bash and other programming topics.


Link Formatter

A Chrome and Firefox browser extension to format and copy links.

Template Browser Extension

An open source browser extension starter for Chrome and Firefox

Template Progressive Web App

An open source template and tutorial to quickly build a progressive web app

Open Source

A list of open source projects I have contributed to and collaborated on


Contributor to its programming Guide, including the pages on Ruby and Bash. I am also a Collaborator to manage, review and merge PRs to this project.

Ruby on Rails

Contributor to the Ruby on Rails web application framework core repo. View Commits on Rails Contributors.


Contributor to the Dev.to developer community website, based on Ruby on Rails. Added a Medium url option to users’ settings that shows a Medium icon with link on their profile page. View Commits.


Contributor to this community project to create a highly customisable prompt theme for the Zsh shell. View Commits.

Hugo Academic

Contributor to this website framework for the Hugo static site generator, which is based on the Go programming language. View Commits.


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